Login help page

How to log in

On the login page you can enter the login credentials used also before (User Name and Password). You can save your Username into browser by checking the box "Save my Username." By doing this, the next time you log in from the same browser, User name is automatically generated. On the login page you are also able to change the language of the Netbank by selecting one of the country links at the top of the page.

New customers log in

ATB will generate a one-time-password for new customers, which is sent to you by email. When logging into the ATB Netbank for the first time, you are requested to enter your Username, and the one-time-password which is valid for a limited time. After this, ATB requests you to change your password. A pop-up screen is generated, asking you to enter your current password (one-time password received from ATB), and a new password. You will need to confirm the new password.

Password requirements

Password needs to qualify for the following criteria:

  • -  Minimum of 8 characters
  • -  Maximum 12 character
  • -  Minimum of 1 uppercase letter
  • -  Minimum of 1 lowercase letter
  • -  Minimum of 1 number
  • -  Minimum of 1 special character

Each oneself created password is valid for 1 year. New password cannot be the same as a password used in the last 365 days. Password should be changed minimum one time per year.

Two months before the expiration of the password you will receive a notification on the Netbank front page with a day counter "countdown" to the day when password is mandatory to change. One week before the mandatory password change you will receive an email notification to your external email address about the expiring password.

If you do not log into the ATB Netbank within one year and the password expires, the following time you log in, a forced change password screen will be displayed before the Netbank session can be started.

Forgotten Username

If you have forgotten your User name, the link "Forgotten Username" can be selected from the Login page. The query for a new User name can be done by filling in your email address, date of birth and postal code.

After filling in the information, you will receive an email containing your User name.

If the data is not filled in correctly or several user ID"s are registered with the same user information, an error text will be displayed.

"Incorrect information for user ID reminder" or
"More than one profile found for provided user credentials, please contact ATB."

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password, the "Forgotten Password" link can be selected from the Login page. A request for a new Password can be done by filling in your User name, email address and date of birth.

After filling in the information correctly, a new one-time-password will be generated automatically. You will receive an email containing the one-time password which is valid for a limited time. After receiving the new password, you will need to change this to your own password when logging in the next time.

If the data is not filled in correctly, a warning message will be displayed.

"Incorrect information for password reminder"

Unsuccessful login

The first one-time-password is valid for a short period of time. When you log in for the first time, and password is expired, a warning message will be shown explaining that the password is no longer valid.

"Password or UserID are keyed in incorrectly."
"One-time password has expired, please contact ATB."

If the one-time-password has already expired, you will need to request a new password from ATB.

If you have not allowed cookies or are otherwise not able to authenticate yourself, access will be denied. In this case you will receive a screen stating that the User session has timed out and new Log in is required.

After five (5) failed log in attempts with incorrect password, credentials are blocked. After having requested a new one-time-password but the access is still blocked, you will get the following message.

"User blocked."

Please contact ATB by phone or email to get the access unblocked. The one-time-password will remain valid for this login attempt.

No accounts/ no valid account found

If no accounts are found or the status is not valid, access will be denied.